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How do I reserve a room ?

There are 2 options:

1) Online reservation
Select the destination city, the dates of your stay and validate. You’ll immediately be redirected to the Appart’Hôtel of your choice with the rates.

2) Manual booking: Look for the Appart’Hotel of your choice on our website and contact them directly during the reception opening hours.

How to change / cancel my reservation

If you have your booked throught our Kosy Appart’Hôtels web site, click on « reservation » and enter your booking number and you will be able to change or cancel your reservation (read the sales conditions for the reserved rate because some rate have specific conditions for changes or cancellations)

If you made your reservation through another website, please contact their customer service department directly.


Principle and benefits

The loyalty program encourages and rewards our most loyal customers :

1€ = 1 point                600 points = 50€ gift voucher available on your next reservation with KOSY Appart’hôtels.

More than gift vouchers, add rewards according to your status  :

  • KOSY Essentiel (0 to 600 points)
  • KOSY Premium (601 to 1200 points) = 5% discount on your next reservation
  • KOSY Gold (1201 to 1800 points) = 10% discount on your next reservation
  • KOSY Platinium (more than 1801 points) = 15% discount on your next reservation

The accumulation of your loyalty points is done over a period of 12 months from your card’s creation date or your status change. Each status change marks the beginning of a new 12 months period. Each change marks the beginning of a new 12 months period. At the end of the 12 months, your status is automatically reassessed.

To benefit from the the loyalty program, You must book your stay on our website https://en.kosy-apparthotels.com/ or directly with the home service of the concerned residence.

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Where to use it ?

Your stays earn points on your loyalty account for stays in the following Aparthotels :

  • KOSY Appart’hôtels Campus del Sol Esplanade Avignon
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels La Salamandre Avignon
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels Les Cèdres Grenoble
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels Cours Moreau Mâcon
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels Art’& Facts Nancy
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels Cœur de Ville Nancy
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels Maison des Chercheurs Nancy
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels Champ de Mars Reims
  • KOSY Appart’hôtels City & Park Troyes

Fidelity checks can be used interchangeably in all residences of this list.

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How to join the loyalty program ?

To join the Kosy Loyalty Program, go to the Home Page menu under Loyalty Program and create your account online. It is necessary to enter your mobile number to confirm your account, as well as your personal information (name, surname, address, …). A card number is assigned to you when you create your loyalty account. To find it, you must connect to your online space. Then it’s presented on the home page in your personal information under the name “Card No.“.

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Make a booking with my loyalty number

If you book directly with your Appart’hôtel : you must specify your card number when you make your reservation by phone or directly at the reception when you arrive.

If you book on our website : After having defined your stay information and selected your type of accommodation and other service (s), you must fill in your personal informations and payment before confirming your reservation. The card number is to be entered in the “Member ID” section of the personal information.

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How to enjoy my gift voucher ?

All 600 points accumulated on your loyalty card, we reward you by offering you a gift voucher worth 50 € to be valid on your next reservation. This advantage is for single use: if the total amount of the reservation is less than 50 €, the difference will be lost.

At the booking time, it is necessary to specify your intention to use your gift voucher to deduct from the total amount of the reservation. For this, you can contact the residence or add it in the additional information (under the heading “Special Requests”) at the time of booking online.

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My gift voucher or my discount doesn't work on my online reservation's amount ?

Do not worry, it’s normal ! The identification of the customer by number (and the assignment of the discount according to its fidelity status) is done at the time of registration by the Apart’hotel and not the online booking. Any discounts and gift vouchers are not deducted from the total amount at the time of your reservation but at the moment of billing.

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How to be sure that my loyalty number is taken into consideration at the booking moment ?

After having filled in your loyalty card number, you must wait for your reservation to be registered by the Apart’hotel.

If the loyalty number is incorrect, you will be contacted by telephone or email by your Apart’hotel’s reception department to fill in the correct information.

Finally, you can log in to your customer area after your departure to confirm that your loyalty points have been awarded.

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Which prestations can give you points ?

The loyalty program KOSY Aparthotels only applies for stays of less than 30 nights. It applies to all available and bookable rates online at www.kosy-apparthotels.com. These same rates are also available from the reception department of the residence.

The benefits entitling you to points are :

  • Rentals by the night or week
  • Breakfasts, buffet and BOX
  • The Car Park
  • Laundry, washing and drying tokens
  • Housekeeping
  • Extra linen rental

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Other questions or troubles related to the loyalty program

For questions/troubles at booking time or the account of your points, please contact the Apart’hotel concerned by your reservation. For any other question/problem on our loyalty program, please send us the information by email : club-fidelite@kosy.plus

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What kind of rates are offered by KOSY Appart’Hôtels ?

We have two rates: a price per night & a price per month. The rates may be subject to changes according to the Appart’Hôtel, the accommodation & the length of the stay. For more information you can pretend to make a reservation using our booking engine on our main page. You will be able to check rates and availability.

You can also click on a specific Appart’Hôtel and call their reception desk, they will be able to answer to all your questions.

Is Kosy Appart’Hôtels website secure ?

Kosy Appart’Hôtels web site is totally secure. All you personal information is encrypted (credit card…) when transferred to our web site, you can make your reservation with confidence.

What are the payment options ?

In order to make a reservation you need a credit card : Visa, MasterCard or American Express (payment or deposit depending on the reservation). Additional services can be paid in cash, by credit card, cheque or vacation vouchers.


What kind of services does Appart’Hotels offer ?

Each residence offer its own services included or at an extra charge depending on your booking : entirely furnished and equipped apartments, television in bedroom, telephone, fiber optic internet access, breakfast, apartment cleaning, sheets and towels proposed with an extra, laundry room, parking, vacuum and iron available if requested, reception desk…

I have have booked a few nights a Kosy Appart’Hôtel ? Which services are inlcuded.

You will have access to an entirely furnished and equipped apartments, private bathroom with towels and beauty kit (soap, shampoo, shower gel) a kitchenette, with coffee machine and kettle; a bedroom with full bedding set (bed will be made up for your arrival) + flat screen TV. Additional services will be offered: breakfast, parking, laundry tokens… for more information, please contact the reception desk.

WIFI : how to connect ?

The Appart’Hôtels have a wireless fiber optic access with WIFIRST. To connect please make sure your Wi-Fi is on and select « WIFIRST ».
A page will open and will ask you to create a WIFIRST account. Once done with your account, you will have an unlimited access or a 2Go/month limit Wi-Fi depending on the service offered by your Appart’hotel. If you encounter any difficulty please contact the customer service at +33 (0)1 70 70 46 26.


Check-in during reception opening hours :

Upon arrival, check in at your Appart’hotel, a receptionist will give you your keys and will tell you all the specificity of the residence. He will be at your service during the length of your stay and will be able to help you and answer to all your questions (during opening hours)

Check-in outside recepion opening hours :

Access codes will be provided to you by text/e-mail a week before your arrival, the keys of your room will be in a safe in the lobby of your Appart’hôtel, a 24/7 access badge will allow you access to the rest of the Residence, you will find all the necessary information in your e-mail.

Check-out during reception opening hours :

Please make sure that the apartment is in good condition (nothing has been broken, clean dishes, empty trash..) to avoid extra charges, return the keys and your arrival document to the reception desk.

Thank you and we are hoping to see you soon at KOSY Appart’hotel !

Check-out outside reception opening hours :

Please make sure that the apartment is in good condition (nothing has been broken, clean dishes, empty trash..) to avoid extra charges, return the keys and your arrival document in the Appart’hotel letter box located at the entrance.

Thank you and we are hoping to see you soon at KOSY Appart’hotel !

I’ve got a problem outside reception opening hours:

If you cannot access your room or any difficulties related to Appart’hotel, please call the assistance number on the board and leave a message, you will be contacted shortly.


What is the reception opening hours?

Schedules may vary depending on the residences, they are indicated on the Appart’hotel presentation pages. During opening hours our team will answer to your questions and will help you in every way to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

What are the check-in and check-out time at Appart’hotel ?

At Kosy Appart’hotel you can check-in from 15h30, check-out time limit is 10am.

At what time is breakfast served ?

Breakfast is served in most of the Kosy Appart’Hôtels Monday to Friday (except holiday) from 7am to 10am. Please check you hotel description to make sure that Breakfast is offered. During the weekend breakfast will be delivered in a « Box » to your room